Jan 152011

Most times the dishwashers touch pad will be found at fault. Replacing the touch pad is done by removing the screws around the housing and on some models the door liner.

A trick to try before you purchase a new touch pad for your dishwasher, this has worked numerous times for me. Gain access to the ribbon cable, using an eraser try to clean the end of the ribbon cable. Often this will fix the touch pad issue.

There Is a touch pad tool that you can buy, this tool plugs into the ribbon cable allowing the ends of a volt meter to test the contacts. By testing the contacts you will need to press the button on top while the meters contacts are on the tool.

This will aid in dishwasher touch pad not responding diagnosis. The factory way to fix a dishwasher control not responding is to replace the touch pad assembly. Using a eraser to clean the touch pad contacts has been known to fix this issue, this is not a factory fix and you should not expect it to work for long, replacing the touch pad is the normally the repair solution.