Feb 012011

Having several big box appliance dealers in my area there are a flood of Electrolux products in my service area, lucky me.

The missing segments are due to a failed control board. The manufacture has a kit to fix this issue. The kit consists of the a new control board and new wire harness.

Installing the kit takes time, accessing the control panel is done by removing the screws on the side of the panel, you need to slide the oven away from the wall to see the screws.

The harness that connects to the board will come apart if to much pressure is applied, for some reason this connection is tight, the top of the wire harness will lift off in the process, causing a major headache.

Replace the control board to solve the missing number segments. The control’s on these oven are sensitive, using a ground strap in the repair process is not a bad idea.

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair, basic electrical skills are a must.

Jan 242011

One of the most likely problems you will see on a Whirlpool made refrigerator (Kitchen Aid, Kenmore, Roper) is the display inside the refrigerator will go blank and the refrigerator lights will not turn on.  This is a common sign that the main printed circuit board (PCB) has failed.  On built-in refrigerators, this PCB is located above the refrigerator in a sheet metal box by the compressor.  For side by side refrigerators, the control board is located in the lower back right corner next to the compressor in a sheet metal box.  The PCB will need to be replaced to resolve the lights and display not working.