Jan 172011

Replacing a dryer cord 3 prong dryer cord www.ApplianceRepairLesson.com

Jan 162011

Have a four prong dryer cord and now need a three prong dryer cord, it’s simple to convert

Here is a basic example of how this block works

-Left side (Hot)



Remember that and you will be ok, this is a basic appliance repair by making the conversion yourself you will save and who couldn’t stand to keep an extra buck or two  in the account, I know I could.

This block has one red, white, black wire each. The black is hot, the red is hot (both on outside) and the white is neutral.

If you have a volt meter from the outside wires to the middle 220v should be present, from either outside wire to the middle should be 110v.

I hope these pictures have helped you, if not drop us a line or chat live with us, we will walk you through you any appliance repair problem you are facing.