Jan 132011

How to remove the blower wheel on a four roller, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, dryer. Gas dryers can also have four roller instead of the traditional two.

Gaining access is either done from the the top or by removing the front, depending on model number. Removing the blower you will need several tools.

-Half inch ratchet
-Half inch extension
-1/4 inch socket/nut driver
-Vise grips

The blower wheel is located on the left of these units. The blower wheel is hooked to the motor shaft, the belt is on the other end of the motor. When the motor turns and drum rotates the blower wheel spins pushing the hot moist air out of the dryer.

Using the vise grips clamp them to the motor shaft on the pulley side. The middle of the blower wheel has a small half inch square, using the extension turn the blower wheel until it comes free. Notice the arrows on the front lip of the blower wheel, they point in the direction to tighten/loosen the wheel.

Installing the blower wheel is just as simple. Spin the new blower onto the motor shaft, using ratchet tighten the wheel. Once tight assembly the dryer and test its operation.