Jan 262011

The necessary steps involved to tear apart a Samsung dryer are relatively simple. Before taking the dryer apart you want to unplug or disconnect power to the dryer first.

Pull the dryer forward because the top is held down with two screws coming in from the back  Remove the screws and the top will slide back and off.  With the top off, the control panel will be accessible.  The control is clipped into plastic clips, there are no screws to remove the control panel.  With the panel un-clipped, you will see the wire harness that needs to be disconnected.  Depress the wire harness tab and the control will pull free.

Remove the two screws that are located on the lint filter housing near the bottom of the door opening.  The screws that were hidden by the base of the control panel will need to be removed along the top of the front panel.   When the screws are off, depress the two clips that hold the front to the cabinet and pull the front panel forward to reveal the door switch.  Now that you have access to the door switch,  un-clip the door switch and the front panel will lift up and off the unit. Samsung does not place screws on the lower front panel; the panel sits in a metal groove.

Samsung uses a bulkhead on the front of their units, remove the four screws that are holding the bulkhead to the cabinet.  There are 2 screws along the left side and 2 on the right side.  Once the screws are removed, the bulkhead will lift out of the holding slot enabling access to the dryer belt.  Notice the routing of the belt before removal, using a camera or drawing will help you reassembly if routing is forgotten.  With the belt removed, the drum will lift up and out of the dryer and give you access to the all of the components.  Now you can use your volt and ohm meter to diagnose the unit properly for whatever electrical/heating issues you may be having.

Jan 162011

Pictured here is one of the most common dryer element in the appliance repair field.

Having an appliance repair technician come out to replace the dryers heating element should be a thing of the past.

Why pay a service technician over $200 dollar to come to your home and replace your dryers heating element.

Depending on where the heater element is purchased the part runs around $25 dollars, what costs $200?

This is a simple job and can be accomplished with basic tools that are in just about every home.

Replacing the dryers heating element is done so by removing the back panel of the dryer.

Having the back off will allow access to the heater housing, removing the two screws on the side will allow the element to slide down and out of position. Remove the thermostat from old element and place on new.

If you are having problems resembling or diagnosing your dryer and need help, were only a click away. Let me and my team of professional appliance repair technicians walk you through your home appliance repair troubles. Were only a click away if you need us.

Jan 162011

Have a four prong dryer cord and now need a three prong dryer cord, it’s simple to convert

Here is a basic example of how this block works

-Left side (Hot)



Remember that and you will be ok, this is a basic appliance repair by making the conversion yourself you will save and who couldn’t stand to keep an extra buck or two  in the account, I know I could.

This block has one red, white, black wire each. The black is hot, the red is hot (both on outside) and the white is neutral.

If you have a volt meter from the outside wires to the middle 220v should be present, from either outside wire to the middle should be 110v.

I hope these pictures have helped you, if not drop us a line or chat live with us, we will walk you through you any appliance repair problem you are facing.