Jan 162011

Opening the dryer door and finding the clothes just as wet as when you put in is frustrating. If you have basic mechanical skills and electrical knowledge me and my team are able to walk you through you appliance repair. Start a chat and get an answer now, we are here to give you that extra confidence that allows you to save hundreds of dollars.

This is a common Whirlpool style thermal cut out. This fuse is accessed by removing the back panel of the dryer.

Removing the back panel of the dryer will reveal thermostat, located on the top of the heater canister usually with one or two screws that mount to the housing.

Testing the dryer component with a volt meter will ensure proper diagnostics, remember to remove one wire before making a ohm test, leaving one wire on the component could result in a false reading.

This fuse is easily replaced with tools that everyone has around the house.

If your stumped on your dryer repair and have questions we would love to help. Before you make a deposit you can chat with a real live technician, we want to build and keep your trust, no games or gimmicks here, try us out it’s free.