Jan 132011


Only attempt a appliance repair with the basic electrical, and appliance repair background experience. Unplug or disconnect unit before servicing.

Maytag Neptune style dryer over time will often start to make what sounds like something hitting the side of the dryer every rotation of the drum.

When or If this is the case and you hear a thumping or ticking type noise, the dryer tumbler screw may have come loose.

The tumbler inside the dryer is made of plastic and has a metal screw that hold it tight to the drum. Over time the plastic will bow out and the screw will walk backwards. When this happens the screw will scrape the metal frame every rotation of the drum.

Often times the tumbler itself will need to be replaced in order to repair this condition. If you have a larger screw, screwing it into the tumbler may work for a short time.

Removing the front and lifting the top is necessary in order to access the screw inside. Once inside you will need to rotate the drum around if you do not see the screw at first. Rotating the drum slowly with your hand until you see the loose screw.

The screws around the door come out, when all out the door will lift up and off, the front panel will fall forward. With the front panel of the Neptune off, the hidden screws that hold the top down will be visible.