May 172015

Samsung front load washing machines are equipped with digital display error codes. The SUD error code indicates a sudsing problem. The SUD is usually a indication of to much soap or not enough soap.

Samsung Washer SUD Error Code:

What we normally find in the field is either to much soap was added to the cycle or the incorrect soap. You really want to take a look at how much soap you’re using. You only need enough HE soap to lubricate¬†the clothes so as they wash against each other the fabric will release the stain or soils. Everyone think oh these are dirty I’ll just add a little more soap. That’s actually way more common than you would think. When you put to much soap in the washer it can create a SUDS lock and also lock the stains/soils into the fabric.

Only use HE soap in these washing machines. The HE soap is specifically designed to work in front load washers. Since front load washers do not use and much soap as top loaders the amount of soap is also less. The manufacture tells you to use a certain amount marked on the lid. Most times that’s even to much soap. Line one on any HE soap lid is going to be plenty for just about any load you’ll be washing at home.

When the SUD error code is displayed you can try to unplug the washer for 2-3 minutes. If the washer is displayed the SUD fault code because a glitch in the control, unplugging it may possible reset the error code. Try to leave the washer unplugged for at least 2-3 minutes. Leaving the washer unplugged for at least that ling will allow the capacitors on the control board to completely discharge. Once the capacitors are discharged the board has been reset. hopefully that clears the fault code up for you.

Open the washer door and remove the clothes. Check and see if there’s excessive suds in the tub. If you see a lot of suds, the washer will need to be drained. Try running a spin/drain cycle only or a quick cycle with no spin. The no spin option will get to the drain part faster. You may need to fill the washer up several times and then cancel it to drain. You can also run a quick cycle with 1 cup of white vinegar. vinegar is an acid so it will break down all the extra soap and flush it out of the machine. It will also clean the inside and the drain hose and sump area.

If the sud error comes back after doing the above, you will need to check the pressure switch. It’s possible the pressure switch is tripped or not being tripped. Remove the small 1/4 black hose from the round pressure switch. Blow through the hose towards the tub. The hose should be free and clear. if the hose is not clear, access the back where the hose connects and clean the connection. I’ve seen gunk/grim build up at this connection and also extra soap. Clean the connection really well and run a quick cycle to test function the washing machine. That should fix the samsung washer SUD error code.

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Samsung Washer Error Codes:

Samsung Washer Error Code 2E

Samsung Washer Error Code Hr

Samsung Washer Error Code 3E

Mar 042015

Samsung washers have several common issues and error codes. One of the most or more common error code is the FL. Several reasons why this error code will pop up in the display.

  • Door not shut
  • Loose connection on door lock
  • Strike on door lock missing/broken
  • Door not shut all the way

The FL error code indicates a faulty door lock assembly. The door lock will attempt to close 7 times before the error code pops up in the display. You may hear the lock clicking several times before the code comes up and you may not hear it clicking.

The repair is actually very straight forward. If you’re fairly handy, you can make this repair yourself. It will require no special tools and is not time consuming. Unplugging the unit so no power is present is the first step. Opening the door and removing the metal spring around the door gasket. You can use a putty knife or flat head to remove the spring. Once the spring is off you will be able to push the door gasket back enough to access the door lock. Make sure the connections are snug. The lock has several plug and play connections on it. You can remove the screws around the front that mount the lock to the frame. Once the screws are removed the door lock assembly will slide out the front giving you access to replace it. The job is actually very straight forward.

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Jun 212013

Is your Samsung refrigerator not making ice? Do you have an error code in the display of the fridge or freezer?? Most of the new refrigerators have electronic control boards. These controls have a digital display most of the time. The display can be either inside the unit or on the freezer door.

Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting can be difficult. I’m here to help you. If you have a display on the door, several of the lines will be missing if the refrigerator has an error code. The display will look like the picture below if there is an ice maker problem.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code

If you have the error in the picture above then the ice maker is dead shorted. This means either the motor is shorted or a wire has been broken. Pulling the freezer door open and visually inspecting the ice maker may give you an idea as to what exactly is going on. I have seen the wires on these break and just hand down. I have also tried putting the ice maker in test mode to no avail.

There is a small button on the bottom front of the ice maker itself. The button has the word test next to it. Holding this button in for 5-10 seconds should send the ice maker into a manual harvest cycle. If holding the button down does not send the ice maker into a manual cycle, the main board on the back could be bad or a simple loose wire may need to be tightened up.

Removing a Samsung refrigerators ice maker is actually pretty simple. Looking straight up in the very front of the ice maker there is two holes. Two small Philip screws hold the ice maker to the ceiling of the refrigerator. Once those two screws are removed the ice maker will drop several inches in the front. At this point the ice maker will pull out towards you giving access to the quick connect located above the ice maker.

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