Jan 232011

F9 on a microwave can be caused from several things, but it all means the same thing–the magnetron is not drawing the amount of power needed. This error will usually happen on LG and Kenmore related microwaves.  You could have a faulty magnetron itself, a faulty inverter board, or one of your door switches can just not be activating correctly. You can’t test the magnetron or the inverter board, so the best thing to do is check the door switches. Unplug the unit and remove the control panel. This will give you access to the door switches to the left of the control panel opening. There should be 3 switches which you can remove and make sure they don’t look burnt. Push on the little actuator buttons and see if the switches still click. If so then reinstall the switches and shut the door to make sure the door is activating all the switches when the door shuts. If so, then it’s time to guess which part you want to replace–either the magnetron or the inverter board. The manufacturer will tell you to replace the inverter board first, but it’s really a toss up .

Jan 192011

CL means that your washing machine’s CHILD LOCK is ON. You can find two buttons Temp and Options in the panel.

Turn ON the machine, press these two buttons together for 3 seconds and that’s it.

It might have a little kids face above a lock key, in between the wash and rinse buttons, hold these for 3/5 seconds and it should work.

Jan 132011

Washer Door will not unlock (full of water)


-Malfunctioned door lock assembly

-Wire fray to door lock assembly

-Check Assembly for foreign debris

-Loose connection on CCU

Replacing the door lock on front load washers is relatively simple, here are the steps necessary.

You can replace the washers door lock assembly one of two ways this is the way that works best for me.

Start by removing the spring on the door boot. With the spring off lift the boot over the lip and push back. This will enable you to reach inside and take the wires off the door lock assembly.

With the screws removed from the lock assembly, remove the wires. If you can not see into the washer to remove the lock assembly, there is a plastic housing that part of the lock slides into, this holds the washers door lock to the frame out of the way. If you can not see housing remove the top of the assembly and look down, the screws on the back of the top piece removed will let the top slide forward.

Some technicians will replace the door lock assembly through the top. For me it depends on the situation: Pedestal, Stacked. What works for one guy may not work for the next.