Mar 052011

This article explains how to access and replace the wash rotor on a Fisher Paykel single or two drawer dishwasher. A Fisher Paykel dishwasher has less moving parts than a standard Whirlpool or Kenmore dishwasher. This in turn means less chance for a part failure. Fisher Paykel dishwashers are becoming more and more popular in America. The double drawer dishwasher has seen a dramatic improvement from its predecessor the dd602. The DD603 and DD605 Fisher Paykel dishwasher use different rotors, replacing the wash rotor on one of these dishwashers is simpler than you may think.

If the dishwasher sounds louder than normal during the wash cycle or when it first starts up the wash rotor is more than likely the problem.

Often glass is what destroyed the rotors smooth finish, often taking a piece of sandpaper to the rotor or a small file will be enough to fix the noise issue. If something blocks the rotor from moving at all, you will encounter an F2 on your F&P dishwasher. F2 just means that your rotor is stuck and can’t move. If you need to remove the rotor from the dishwasher to check the link below provides a video that explains how to access the dishwashers wash rotor and also how to test the lids actuators.

Removing the rack on bottom plate will expose the dishwashers rotor, simple twist the rotor counter clockwise and pull up the rotor will lift out for replacement .  If you require further assistance repairing your Fisher Paykel appliances feel free to post your question in our DIY repair forum.

Mar 052011

F3 means that your water temperature was sensed at greater than 85°C ( 185°F)

First, check to see if the incoming water temperature is greater than 85°C (185°F). If the temperature is too hot, you need to turn your hot water heater down, otherwise remove the dish rack and take out the wash arm. Unlock the center locking nut to access the rotor and metal plate heater around the rotor (you can look in the dishwasher video section to see how to take apart these Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers) Touch the heater and is it hot all the time? If so, replace the electronic controller in the upper right hand corner of the dish drawer.

If the heater is cool and your water is not coming in too hot, check the wires between the control board and the heater under your dish drawer. A F&P wire harness tends to burn and cause these F3 errors. Replace the wire harness if the wires are damaged. If the wires check good, check the resistance of the heating sensor under the drawer. As a last resort, replace the heater plate since it’s the only part that can not be tested.