Dec 022012

Fisher Paykel washer error codes are a bit different then most other washing machines. These washers use a numeric system based on the value of the LED. You see each LED on the washer represents a different numeric value. To determine which error code is beeping on your washing machine you need to know the value of each led.

Fisher Paykel washing machine error code 37 is very common and so is washer error code 52. Code 37 is a drain motor issue and 52 is a diverter valve fault.

Each washer has its own auxiliary drain motor that sits to the side of the main stator wash motor.  Also each washer has its own diverter valve that changes the water from draining to recycling. If the error code 37 pops up on the display the drain motor could either be blocked or bad.  You can make a very simple voltage test to determine if he drain motor is getting voltage or you can simply remove the motor and verify no blockage is present.  Removing the drain motor does not require a volt meter to test live voltage on the motor.

The diverter valve uses a small wax motor that has a rod that pushes and pulls the flap open to divert the water.  You an simply test voltage to diverter or remove the diverter or you can put the machine into diagnostics and manually open and close the diverter.

Not sure how to put your Fisher Paykel washer into diagnostics? Not sure what error code your FP washing machine has? We can help! Simply post your question in our Fisher Paykel Repair forum located at the top of this page and we will assist you in determine exactly what is wrong with the FP washer.

Mar 242011

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair!

Fisher Paykel washer have one very common error code. This error code is 37. The display lights on fisher paykel washer will illuminate, each one represent a different numerical value.  Fisher Paykel uses an auxiliary drain pump to pump the washer water out. Often times debris will become lodged inside the drain pump causing the error code 37.

Most times you can fix your fisher paykel washer error code 7 without parts. Start by tipping the washer back, the drain motor is in the front right corner. Remove the wires to pump and depress the tab on the side of the pump. Once the drain pump is twisted pasted the lock position it will drop down. Note when the pump is removed all water inside the washer will come out. Bail as much water as possible before drain pump removal, a pile of towels may also be handy. When the impeller on the drain pump doesn’t move the control senses this and will give the error code. Often times a small sock or undergarments will make it past the inner tub and down to the pump. Finding clothes stuck in the pump would indicate either overloading or not using a garment bag.

Fisher Paykel washer repair is simple, we know these units well and can assist you with any repair or review question you have. You can also speak with a Fisher Paykel appliance technician in our repair forums in the link below.

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