Apr 022011

Fisher Paykel uses a floating basket on their washers.  The basket is simple to remove and may be necessary if the drain motor needs cleaned.  Removing the inner basket on a Fisher Paykel washer is done by lifting the top and removing the two  rubber plugs on each corner.  Once each rubber piece is removed, remove the screw below and lift the top.  The Fisher Paykel Dryer comes apart the same way.

Saftely lean the top of the washer against the wall.  The splash ring needs to come off next, lift the splash ring tabs on the side and remove.  Take the agitator cap off, remove the small plastic nut that is inside the bottom of the washers agitator.  Lift the agitator up and place to the side.

The inner wash basket should now lift up and out of the machine. Fisher Paykel washer are simple to repair, if you require further assistance, post your question in our F&P Repair Forum.

Mar 242011

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair!

Fisher Paykel washer have one very common error code. This error code is 37. The display lights on fisher paykel washer will illuminate, each one represent a different numerical value.  Fisher Paykel uses an auxiliary drain pump to pump the washer water out. Often times debris will become lodged inside the drain pump causing the error code 37.

Most times you can fix your fisher paykel washer error code 7 without parts. Start by tipping the washer back, the drain motor is in the front right corner. Remove the wires to pump and depress the tab on the side of the pump. Once the drain pump is twisted pasted the lock position it will drop down. Note when the pump is removed all water inside the washer will come out. Bail as much water as possible before drain pump removal, a pile of towels may also be handy. When the impeller on the drain pump doesn’t move the control senses this and will give the error code. Often times a small sock or undergarments will make it past the inner tub and down to the pump. Finding clothes stuck in the pump would indicate either overloading or not using a garment bag.

Fisher Paykel washer repair is simple, we know these units well and can assist you with any repair or review question you have. You can also speak with a Fisher Paykel appliance technician in our repair forums in the link below.

Fisher Paykel Washer Repair Forum

Jan 132011

The Fisher Paykel washer has proved to be one decent built machine. Having less moving parts, compared to the traditional washing machine therefore having fewer parts that can fail.

If the washer is not draining here are the step involved to clean the drain pump.

-Unplug the washer

-Bail water out of washer

-Tip unit back

-Get towels (several)

Now that most of the water is out and the electricity is turned off you need to remove the drain pump.
Doing so will let water flow from the hoses onto the floor so be prepared.

On the bottom front right you will find the drain pump. Unplug the wires from the pump and depress the tab while twisting the pump out of place.

With the tab depressed twist the pump out of the lock position and it will fall out. Clean any foreign debris that is located inside the drain pump assembly and reassemble. With the drain motor clear the washer should start draining.