Jan 122011

I have been dispatched to countless call with this complaint. Its all to common in the appliance field.

The first thing I ask my customer is can you start it right away. If yes then we know we lost voltage somehow and will need to dissect the wiring schematic to figure out how.

If the customer states no it just buzzed, or half hour later it fired right up and worked again fine, then we know we have a bad motor. The motor on these usually they are Whirlpool Maytag and Kenmore brands but Amana and Frigidaire dryer motors will and can do the same thing.

Keep in mind that if you have a clogged dryer vent run and lint is building up around the motor you could have a potential fire hazard on your hands, and also the reason the motor failed premature. When the motor overheats from excessive lint built up it will fail in short period of time. Having a clean dryer vent is essential to a long lasting dryer with little to no maintenance.

Replacing the motor on some of these models just isn’t worth it any more, manufactures charge more for older parts, it seems they want you to buy new.  If you have an older style dryer it may be worth trying to get the blower wheel off before you make the trip to the appliance parts house. Some times and it has happened to me, the blower wheel will basically weld itself to the shaft of the motor and the only way to break it free is to break it off.

The blower wheel threads are reversed, so when you are inside the dryer trying to take the blower wheel off remember that. The plastic housing that the blower is made of will strip out and leave with the only option of breaking it free.

Jan 122011

There are several factors that could cause a dryer to not tumble.
Here are several possibilities.

-Thermal fuse is bad
-Bad power to the dryer
-Dryer belt is broken
-Start switch is bad

To make accurate test some times a volt meter is worth having,if you plan to to repair many more appliances it may be worth investing in a cheap one from a local hardware store. Dryers especially are relatively simple to test using a meter.

When the fuse reads open it will stop supply voltage from reaching the motor. This fuse will usually fail when a overheat condition occurs. If you have found the dryer thermal fuse open investigate why the fuse has tripped.

Bad power to the unit will stop the drum from turning,with a volt meter ensure the washer has proper supply voltage.

Determining if the belt is broken is fairly simple open the top of the dryer and peek in. If there is not belt around the drum you found the issue.

When you press start and hear nothing you have a voltage or start switch issue. Like stated previously the thermal fuse will take the voltage to the motor out of the equation. By using the multimeter ohm setting you can ohm the start switch out and ensure there is some resistance.
If you hear the motor running and the drum is not turning the belt is broken.

Jan 122011

Notice the glow of the orange flame from the ignitor but no gas ignition. If the ignitor is cycling on and of and the gas valve is not letting gas to the burner you have bad booster coils. These are the two round coils on top of the valve. When the ignitor is glowing and drawing enough amperage the coils will energize and gas will pour out to the ignitor to be ignited.

Most Whirlpool/Kenmore style dryers, here is how to access and repair your dryer.

-Remove the lint filter
-Remove two screws under the dryers lint filter (On, lint filter on top models)
-Insert putty knife where front meets dryers top, about two inches from both corners push in and top will lift.(Lint filter in door model)
-Remove two 5/16 screws located on upper front inside panel
-Lift front panel up and out of lower clips
-Unhook dryers door switch
-Reach in and loosen and remove belt
-Pull the drum up and off the rollers

Now you are inside the dryer and are able to see the booster coils, on top of the gas valve they are mounted with a solid metal housing remove the screw and lift the cover off. Unhook the wires from the coils and replace, Install the new set. Looking on the top of the coils you will notice a small plastic abrasion this must line up with the metal cover when getting reinstalled.

Put the unit back together and listen for the sound of the gas lighting. If your dryers model has an access cover,  you are able to watch from a distance the flame light. If you are sure the gas is turned on and you have good pressure replacing the booster coils will take care of the problem. You can ohm the coils out if a multimeter is available,not everyone has one laying around to test voltage.