Jan 142011

There are no screws on my refrigerator door handle how do I remove it?

I have received numerous emails that pertain to this question. Removing the refrigerator’s door handle is relatively simple. If you are certain there are no screws on the handle, sometimes there on the side of the handle out of plain sight, when this is the case the screws can be torx or hex, very small.

If there are no screws the door handle will come off one of two ways.

-Lifting up on the handle
-Pushing down on the handle

Most models the refrigerator’s door handle will slide up and off. Picture a screw head size, cut out and the screw head is on the back of the handle. The screw head goes through the cut out and slides down wedging the screw head preventing the handle from coming off.

With the correct amount of force the handle will lift off. Some models require you to slide the door handle down to remove.

If there is a small plastic cap over the ends of the handle, the cap’s may need to be removed to access the screws. These caps are usually found on top mount refrigerator’s door handles.