Feb 102011

How to remove a refrigerator ice maker, if you need to replace your refrigerators ice maker these pictures will help. These pictures and this article pertains to a Whirlpool style Side by Side or top mount refrigerator.

On most refrigerators ice maker there will be two mounting screws, these screws are not very easy to see. On certain refrigerators there will be a third screw that is visible on the bottom side of the ice maker, this screw mounts to the side of the refrigerator horizontally.

Loosen the two screws enough to slide the ice maker up and off the screw head, when the ice maker lifts off there will be a plastic wire harness, don’t worry this has a quick disconnect fitting, remove the harness and pull the ice maker free from the refrigerator.

Depending on the part number of the new ice maker,  swapping over the bail arm and fill cup may be necessary to complete the repair.

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