Jan 132011

Most all new front loads have a control lock feature. This feature disables the washers control buttons for what ever reason you would need.

When depressed by leaning up against the unit or bumped into when walking by, you could activate the control lock feature. Most times this call is stopped at the front desk before a technician is dispatched on a service call.

If pressing any button on the washer and you get an audible beep and the unit does not respond to the command, while the control lock light is flashing then the washer is locked.

Here is the magical trick, hold down the end of cycle button until the light goes out. (3 seconds.)

This will deactivate the control lock feature and send your unit back into working order.

The end of cycle button will work for most whirlpool Maytag and Kenmore washers.

If your washer does not have an end of cycle button check your use and care guide or download it from the manufactures website and find out how its in there under control lock feature.