Jan 142011

The replacement of an ovens burner receptacle is done with several common tools. To repair or replace the receptacle socket you will need to lift the top. Doing so is normal done by removing several screws under the tops front edge.

Before you lift the top remove the one screw that anchors the receptacle to the burner ring. Lift the top gaining access to the oven receptacle.

Diagnosing an oven receptacle is done by testing for proper voltage at the receptacle, often the wires will become loose inside causing a smell or sound, if this is the case you will need to replace the receptacle as a kit. Oven receptacle are fairly cheap appliance repair technicians charge top dollar for the ones on their trucks. A local appliance parts house may have the oven receptacle for several dollars, the kit will supply the two wires, receptacle housing, shrink wrap and some have zip ties depending on the application.

The receptacle wires will need to be cut and spliced. Remember to install the shrink wrap before you connect the wire nut, the wrap should be formed tight around the wire connection and wire nut. After connecting the receptacle wires to the ovens wires you will need to slide the wire into the housing that is supplied, when the receptacle wire is in the correct position it will lock inside, you will not be able to pull it back out.

Lower top and install receptacle to  top, insert the burner and test for proper operation. When 220v is applied to the  burner it will create heat on the coil. With out the correct  voltage the burner may not heat at all or enough. Again having a simple volt meter will help you in your appliance repair troubles.

Jan 132011

Replacing a failed defrost timer on a Frigidaire top mount refrigerator involves removing six screws. The process is relatively simple.

-Remove things on top shelf
-Remove four screws from cold control housing (Where you change the temperature)
-Remove wire harness from ceiling of refrigerator
-Remove two screws from the bottom of housing that secure timer down.

With the timer housing screws removed it will lift up, pull the plastic wire harness from the defrost timer terminals and connect the new defrost timer. Reinstall back into cold control housing and assembly the refrigerator and test operations.

If you noticed the slot on the bottom side of the timer that is visible when the defrost timer is mounted this is where you can manual advance the timer.

If you haven’t yet removed the housing and so not know where were at,open the refrigerator door and on the bottom side of the white channel that runs along the middle of the refrigerator ceiling is where the cold control defrost timer and light bulb housing are located.

Looking at the bottom of the housing you will see a round cut out with a usually red flat head slot. This slot is the defrost timer by placing a flat head screw driver and twisting you will advance the timer in and out of cooling and defrost mode.

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is not cooling or building up frost preventing the evaporator fan motor from pulling air, the defrost timer could possible be at fault for both issues.  If you advance the timer and the refrigerator starts you found the problem.

Purchase only Frigidaire approved OEM parts. When inquiring about the part you will need the model number. On some models you will also need the serial number. The model serial tag on most Frigidaire refrigerators is located on a sticker on the left side interior wall.

Most appliance parts have part number on them, these numbers are used for manufacture purposes only.  You need the model number to order the correct defrost timer.