Jan 142011

Some Maytag oven’s have a hidden bake element, if you can not see the bake element in the bottom of your oven, the  bake element is hidden under the porcelain.

Accessing the element is relatively easy:

To do so you will need to remove the lower panel inside bellow the racks, to do so remove the two screws in the back corner of the pan, the lower pan will lift up and out of the unit.

Access will be granted to the element when pan is removed. To remove the element you will need to pull the unit forward and remove the back panel. This will enable you to access the wires that plug into the oven element. With the range pulled out and rear oven access panel open, you will see the wires that affix to the bake element, by applying upward pressure on the wires they will lift on the bake element.

Installing the new element is the next step. With the old bake element out of the unit you will be able to slide the element ends through the back enabling connection of the wires, screwing down the bake element to the oven frame before assembling the top will help aid in the life expectancy of the bake element.

Disconnect power before servicing your appliance! Basic mechanical and electrical skills will be need to repair your appliance, please have both before using this information provided here.