Jan 142011

Replacing a whirlpool built oven locking latch mechanism is done through  the control panel assembly.
If you have diagnosed a failed oven latch, either by an oven error code or manually testing with a volt meter the latch will need to be replaced to bring the oven function back.

During a self clean cycle the latch may fail causing the oven door to remain in the locked position, in this instance you will need to un lock the door before the oven latch can be replaced.

By removing the side trim, the hidden control panel screws will be visible.

Start by opening the door and removing the trim, there may be a screw going into the side from both the top oven and bottom (double oven models) On single oven models remove the one trim mount screws and pull the trim down and out of position. On the side of the control board going in horizontally is the control panel mount screw. Remove the screw from both sides of the control panel, this will release the panel from its home position allowing the panel to lift up and off the unit.

Behind the control panel is a mix of different colored wires and thermostats. Removing the screws that go in through the front as well as the latch mount screw usually two screws on either front side of the latch will let the latch lift out, pulling the  latch forward will give you enough room to remove and replace  latch mechanism.

After the latch replacement process you will need to verify proper operation of the unit by setting to a self clean cycle, allowing the latch to fully operate. Setting the range to self clean and letting the door lock will test the latch function, you can cancel the  self clean cycle at any time by pressing cancel.

If the range has been operating in self clean for any considerable amount of time it may result in delayed door lock unlocking. When the range reaches self clean temperature the  door lock will stay in the locked position until the unit cools, when the sensor recognizes a safe  temperature the lock mechanism will release.