Jan 292011

Using this sequence will send voltage directly to the water valve, in turn activating the water valve, sending water up through the fill tub and into the ice maker.

Start by removing the front of the ice maker. The plastic piece on the front is held on with plastic clips. Using a small screw driver to pry the cap off the ice maker may be necessary. When the front is off, the cam will be visible, notice the letters around the cam, jumping different ones will send voltage and bypass internal safety parts.

Pictured here is L to V jumped or bypassed, this is sending direct voltage to the refrigerators water valve, using a volt meter 110v at the solenoid should be present at the refrigerator’s water valve.

Here are the tools necessary for this job: wire cutters and jumper wire. This is one of the first things a technician will do when he arrives at your home to test the ice maker.

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