Jan 182011

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Jan 132011

No matter the make or model dryer  you own, it needs periodic maintenance.

A dryer’s life expectancy has much to do with maintenance of the dryer itself and the dryer vent exhaust system. Dryer manufactures produce dryer maintenance kits. The kit contains drum rollers, belt, Idler pulley, some kits have one or more part depending on model/serial break.

Periodically inspecting and cleaning your dryer vent system will add to the life expectancy.

With a clogged dryer vent the hot air is not able to vent properly. Drum roller bearings have a tendency to fail due to overheat conditions inside the dryer cabinet.

Also prolonged temperature to all the moving parts will cause them to fail prematurely. It is recommended you inspect your vent run once a year, unless your vent run is prone to lint build up, these will need checked twice a year in most instances.

Jan 132011

On most GE front load washers, the drain pump is accessible from the front of the washer. This pump has a filter inside and can catch some pretty amazing stuff.

Here is “How To” on cleaning your GE washers drain pump filter.



-Hose clamp pliers (if water is in tub)

Start by removing the screws along the bottoms front edge doing so will let the access panel come down and out of the way.

Inside the washer in the middle you will see a white plastic housing with a twist handle on the front this is the filter head.
With the hose clamp pliers clamp the main washer hose that connects to the rear of the pump,this will stop the water in the washer from coming out when the filter head is twisted and removed.

With the clamp in place twist the filter head and slide the filter out,the filter is connected to the handle clean the filter and reinstall back into the drain pump. With the front access panel reconnected set the unit to a normal cycle and let fill to the top. Once the washer starts to go back and forth cleaning the clothes press stop and power the unit off. On Whirlpool and Maytag unit’s they will go into an automatic two minute drain cycle.

Once the machine has powered off turn the dial to drain/spin and press start. This will force the drain pump to come on. If the unit drains you can mark that off the honey-do.