Jun 162015

Samsung refrigerators have a diagnostics mode. The fastest and easiest way to access diagnostic mode is by pressing the top left and top right button in at the same time and holding for a few minutes. This will send the refrigerators on board computer into a pre programed diagnostic mode. If any error codes have been stored in the computer it will be displayed at this point.

If no error codes are displayed, you’ll see 88 88 all the segments will be full. When a samsung refrigerator error code is displayed one of the small lines or segments will be flashing and the rest of the 88 will disappear.  You will usually get the #2 error code for the ice maker sensor.

Samsung does not use a normal ice maker. Nothing about these refrigerators are normal though. They use a small sensor that tells the ice maker when the water has actually frozen. One the water freezes the ice maker needs to harvest it so it can call for water and fill again. This process usually takes between 2-4 hours. Every 2-4 hours the ice maker should be cycling on it’s own. Several things can cause slow ice production but for this article lets stick to the ice maker sensor error code..

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Sensor Error:

The #2 error usually indicates an issue with the ice maker sensor. The sensor runs from the front of the ice maker where the timer motor is located to the bottom of the flex mold. Samsung and LG are known for their flex tray designs. Even Frigidaire has released their version of the flex tray. The sensor is a lot more accurate than a normal bi metal that’s found in a conventional Whirlpool style ice maker assembly.

Usually when this fault code is displayed the ice maker timer assembly will need to be replaced. Look on the bottom of the mold for a thin wire that goes to a bullet snapped plastic piece. Yes, that plastic piece is the actual sensor. The small plastic clip on the bracket usually breaks off. When that happens the sensor will fall down and it will eventually get crushed and broken. The wire will normally get cut in half. I’ve seen it countless times. Depending on your model you can get just the timer assembly and others you have to replace the ice maker as an assembly.

The ice maker on most of these units are mounted in the freezer on the left side. The ice maker has a small plastic facia that must be popped off. There’s a small clip that holds the plastic piece to the front of the ice maker. Gently pull out the cover will pop off. You will then see straight up there’s two holes. Up inside is two screws. Once the screws are removed the ice maker will slide forward and hand by the wire harness. The harness has a small tab that needs to be depressed in order for the molex connector to unplug. It’s actually very straight forward to fix this error code. The repair is not very complicated more time consuming.

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