Aug 292015

The tS error code will flash on a samsung dryer when the thermistor is defective or shorted. A thermistor can fail several different ways. In most cases when these dryer thermistors fail it’s under normal use or “Wear & Tear” per say..

Unplug your appliance before you attempt any repair. 

If you’re extremely handy and know how to use a volt/ohm meter, you will most likely be able to fix the tS error code yourself. Unfortunately the manufacture did not make the thermistor easy to test. The machine will need to be taken apart to test the thermistor.

Once inside you will see the dryer has a thermistor and it has two wires on it. Set the meter to read resistance and check the thermistor with one wire off or both to be safe. If the thermistor reads over 40,000 ohms, replace it because it’s faulty. Samsung dryer thermistors should read roughly 10,000 ohms at room temp. If yours tests good, that would indicate a wiring issue or a faulty control.

Most commonly on these dryers you will find a loose or corroded connection. Usually in the end of a female plug. Clean the contacts really good. Make sure the wires counting the two components are not broken or kinked in any way.

Most of these dryers have two screws holding the top down. Once those screws are removed, the top will slide back and off. Now the front control board can be removed by lifting up on the plastic clips. Once the control panel along the front is off you will see the hidden screws that hold the front panel in place. The two screws inside the front by the lint filter will need to be removed before the front will fall forward enough to unplug the light switch. Once you have made it this far the bulkhead will be removable and then the drum. Working on these samsung appliances really is not very difficult. Especially if you have a little bit of help from someone who knows them inside and out.

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Dec 252013

Does your Samsung refrigerator have a DU DU error code? This is a very strange and rare error code on these refrigerators. I have only seen this error code one other time before today.

Samsung Refrigerator Self Diagnostic Mode

This error code is not in any technical service manual and Samsung was unable to verify the meaning of this particular error code. I checked multiple things over two and three time before I figured out what was causing this DU DU error.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code

After multiple attempts to clear this error code by putting the unit into diagnostic mode, demo mode, and pressing random buttons, I figured out the main controller on the back was the culprit.

Disconnect Power Before Servicing

The main control board on Samsung refrigerators is located on the back of the refrigerator. The unit will need to be pulled forward to gain access to the control board. I use floor sliders so the floor does not get damaged. If you have a piece of plastic, cardboard, I would use it.

The board is located behind an access panel on the back of the refrigerator. The panel is held on with several small screws. Taking the screws out will allow the panel to come down and out of the two small clips located on the bottom. Once the panel is off you will see the board. Usually there is a small red light that will be on steady or blinking. If blinking it’s giving an error code. If steady, the refrigerator is operating as designed.

Now that you have the refrigerator out and the access panel off you can replace the main mother board. This is what I had to do to fix the DU DU error code. Samsung refrigerators use segments on the display to show which error is present. On this particular error it showed DU DU which no one has seen or knew how to fix.

The board is clipped into position with several small clips. Depressing the clips in will allow the board to come out. All the wires on the main mother board are plug and play type. You will see a small tab on each harness that needs depressed to allow the wires to come off the control board. With all the wires off the unit, press the tabs that hold the board in place and pull the board out.

I have seen several off these control boards that have burnt resistors or diodes on them. If yours does, it’s a dead giveaway that the control board is bad.

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