May 222015

Samsung front load washer error codes are built into the controls software. When an error code like AE is displayed one of the washers main components has a problem. Most of the problems these washing machines have are fairly straight forward to repair. If you’re handy, you can make the repair. A little knowledge and a lot of common sense can go a long ways.

How 2 Fix Samsung Washer Error Code AE:

The fault code indicates a communication issue. On these newer front load washing machines you will find either 2-3 control boards and on some models even more. These particular front load washers have 2 control board. The main pcb which is usually located on the right rear bottom back panel and the user interface control.

When fault code AE is displayed the main control board and user interface can not talk to one another. This could be caused by a loose or shorted wire or a faulty printed circuit board. The circuit boards on most newer appliances don’t last like the older mechanical parts. Although more energy efficient than most mechanical appliance parts the longevity is no where near the same.

Unplug the washer:

The very first thing you want to do is to unplug the power. Before servicing any appliance you want to make sure you have disconnected the power. Once the power is off the top panel will come off. I would start at the top since it’s the easiest. The top is held in place with two small Philip head screws. Once the screws are removed the top will slide straight back and off. Now you will see the user interface control board and wire harness. Make sure the wire harness is tight and no broken wires at the molex connector. Remove the connections on the board and visually inspect the inside of the molex connector. Sometimes the contacts inside will bend and other times they will break or short out. Not super common but I’ve had a couple kick my but meaning it took me several hours to figure the issue out. So double check it. It’s free so why not.

Most of the time if there is a connection issue it will be with the wires on the back. The wires on the back tend to be slightly tighter which can cause a break or the wire can pull out of a connector. Double check the wires on the main PCB control board. The board is held in place with several small screws coming in from the back. Once the screws are removed the control will slide over and off. You can then check the wire connections. It’s worth noting that taking a picture of the wire connections at this point is not a bad idea. You can remove each wire one by one and always refer back to the photo if there is a question.

The problem with the AE error code is Samsung does not really have a test to figure out which board has failed. The most common control that fails that causes this fault code is the main board on the back. I’ve yet to run into a Samsung washer that needed the user interface control board replaced to fix the AE error code.

This might sound like a large job to tackle. Doing it yourself could save you well into the hundreds. Most local appliance repair centers charge at least $100 to knock on the door. If this article helped you fix your Samsung washer AE error, or put you one step closer to fixing the fault code, please let us know by using the comment form below. A simple “Thanks” or “It Worked” goes a looong way.  If you still have questions about fixing this error code, please ask away using the comment form below. I will try my best to help you fix your washing machine.



May 172015

Samsung front load washing machines are equipped with digital display error codes. The SUD error code indicates a sudsing problem. The SUD is usually a indication of to much soap or not enough soap.

Samsung Washer SUD Error Code:

What we normally find in the field is either to much soap was added to the cycle or the incorrect soap. You really want to take a look at how much soap you’re using. You only need enough HE soap to lubricate the clothes so as they wash against each other the fabric will release the stain or soils. Everyone think oh these are dirty I’ll just add a little more soap. That’s actually way more common than you would think. When you put to much soap in the washer it can create a SUDS lock and also lock the stains/soils into the fabric.

Only use HE soap in these washing machines. The HE soap is specifically designed to work in front load washers. Since front load washers do not use and much soap as top loaders the amount of soap is also less. The manufacture tells you to use a certain amount marked on the lid. Most times that’s even to much soap. Line one on any HE soap lid is going to be plenty for just about any load you’ll be washing at home.

When the SUD error code is displayed you can try to unplug the washer for 2-3 minutes. If the washer is displayed the SUD fault code because a glitch in the control, unplugging it may possible reset the error code. Try to leave the washer unplugged for at least 2-3 minutes. Leaving the washer unplugged for at least that ling will allow the capacitors on the control board to completely discharge. Once the capacitors are discharged the board has been reset. hopefully that clears the fault code up for you.

Open the washer door and remove the clothes. Check and see if there’s excessive suds in the tub. If you see a lot of suds, the washer will need to be drained. Try running a spin/drain cycle only or a quick cycle with no spin. The no spin option will get to the drain part faster. You may need to fill the washer up several times and then cancel it to drain. You can also run a quick cycle with 1 cup of white vinegar. vinegar is an acid so it will break down all the extra soap and flush it out of the machine. It will also clean the inside and the drain hose and sump area.

If the sud error comes back after doing the above, you will need to check the pressure switch. It’s possible the pressure switch is tripped or not being tripped. Remove the small 1/4 black hose from the round pressure switch. Blow through the hose towards the tub. The hose should be free and clear. if the hose is not clear, access the back where the hose connects and clean the connection. I’ve seen gunk/grim build up at this connection and also extra soap. Clean the connection really well and run a quick cycle to test function the washing machine. That should fix the samsung washer SUD error code.

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May 162015

Samsung washing machines are gaining in popularity. Now over 30% of our service calls are Samsung Appliances. We see the Samsung washer 2E error code fairly often. We’ve fixed this washing machine error code as well as many others.

You can read below to find out which part is most likely the culprit and what you can try to do to fix it before any washer parts are ordered. If you’re handy, you can make this washer repair yourself without having an appliance repair technician come to your home.

How To Fix Samsung Washer 2E Error Code:

1. Unplug the washer for 2-3 minutes:

Unplugging the washer for several minutes may possibly clear the 2E fault code. If the fault is a glitch or software issue with the control, then unplugging it might just work. It’s a free option so why not try it right? Leave the washer unplugged for several minutes. Ideally 2-3 minutes. Leaving the washer unplugged for several minutes will allow the capacitors on the control board to discharge completely. Once the capacitors have completely discharged the control has been reset.

2. Check wiring connection: 

The error code indicates an issue with the main PCB control board that we know. A loose or shorted wire connection at the main control board could cause this error to be displayed on your machine. Double check each and every connection. If this was my call, I would remove each wire one at a time and plug it back in making sure the connection was tight and secure. If any connection is loose, or shorted, make the necessary repair to the wire connection and test the washer by running a quick cycle.

If trying the above options does not clear the 2E error from the display, the main PCB control board is going to need to be replaced to fix the washer for sure. If you’re handy, you can do this. The repair is more time consuming than difficult.

How To Replace Main Control Board:

The main control board on Samsung front load washing machines is on the back bottom. The main board is in a plastic case. The case is usually yellow in color although some I believe have a white casing? I don’t know for sure that’s what I’ve been told by other appliance repair technicians. The control board case is mounted to the back of the washer with several small Philip head screws. Removing each screw necessary the control assembly will slide over and pop out of the grooves on back.

Once out you can remove the control cover and have access to the plug and play wire system that Samsung uses. The plug and play wires have small tabs on the end. Depress the tab and gently lift up and the wire will come off the connection.

There should be enough wire length to swap each wire over one at a time. If the wires are not long enough, you can take a picture of the wires plugged in. That way you can revert back to the picture to verify proper wiring on the main computer control board. On a normal service call this is a common occurrence. Especially on newer products that I’m not very familiar with. It just ensures the wiring is correct and the job is done right.

Did you find this article or part of it useful? Do you still have questions about your Samsung washer 2E error code? Use the comment form below and I’ll try my best to help you out. Please give me a reasonable amount of time to respond.



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