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Have a Samsung refrigerator error code? Then this article is for you. Below is how to fix the dreaded refrigerator error code.

This is a fairly new error code on Samsung refrigerators. I have only seen a few of these refrigerators display this error code. The schematic and tech sheet actually do not list this error code.

I have only seen this error on french door double freezer drawer Samsung refrigerators.

The 84 E stands for a locked rotor. There is a small control board on the back of the refrigerator it’s called an inverter control board. Since Samsung uses a DC three speed compressor they use an inverter board to change the voltage to the compressor. When the rotor locks up the amp draw goes way up and the inverter control board senses this and will throw the error code 84 E on the front of the digital display.

This is actually a very bad error code on these refrigerators. It means the rotor is locked up inside the compressor and the only way to solve this issue is to actually replace the compressor. Unfortunately this means a basic rebuild of the sealed system of the refrigerator. It’s a pretty big job to do this. You not only need special tools you also need a special license to recover the freon from the refrigerators sealed system.

I have however been able to solve this problem twice out of the 7 or 8 times I’ve seen this error by simply replacing the inverter control board on the back of the unit by the compressor.¬† The inverter board on the back is usually flashing four times which means again locked rotor.

Fortunately for every one of these that I’ve seen they have been covered under first year warranty. Now I know that doesn’t say a lot for Samsung but remember no matter which brand appliance you buy it will have issues eventually. Things just aren’t made like they used to be. I hear it everyday my old refrigerator lasted 2o years.. You’ll never buy another one that last that long..

If you need more help diagnosing your Samsung appliance please feel free to register in our free appliance repair forum and one of us will help walk you through a few more steps to figure out what exactly is wrong with the refrigerator.

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting

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Is your Samsung refrigerator not cooling? Is the freezer and or refrigerator warming? There are several things to check to determine what is causing the not cooling issue.

-Is the compressor running?

-Do you see frost on back wall of freezer or refrigerator?

-Is the center mullion warm or hot to the touch?

-Do you hear the fans inside running?

-Is the fan on the back by the compressor running?

One of the most common issues that stop these refrigerators from cooling is a bad fan motor. On most of the newer refrigerators they use fans in both the refrigerator and the freezer. There is also a fan on the back that helps cool the compressor. The fans inside the freezer and refrigerator will only run if the door/light switch is depressed. If you open the door and don’t hear the fan running, depress the light switch and wait 20 seconds the fan should kick on.

If the compressor is running the next step would be to check the frost pattern on the evaporators. To do this the back panel inside the freezer and refrigerator need to be removed. If the compressor is running the the freon is moving correctly, the evaporator should have a 1/16 frost pattern from top to bottom. If ice/frost is only on the top right or left side there is a restriction in the sealed system or the compressor is insufficient. If frost/ice is thick covering the entire evaporator you most likely have a defrost issue. If the frost is thick the fan wont be able to pull air across the evaporator. If you find a defrost issue, check the defrost components. Defrost heater, defrost bi-metal, defrost sensor. If all the defrost parts check good, the control may be bad not sending power to the defrost heater.

If you notice the temps inside are warming up, and the center part of the refrigerator is hot, the fan on the back is most likely bad. The condenser fan motor cools the compressor and condenser allowing the heat transfer of the refrigeration system. When the small DC fan motor fails it causes the center mullion to heat up and also causes the temps inside to warm. If the fan has failed and has not been working for a few weeks or longer the rubber grommets will harden and not come off. You will need to replace the grommets as well as the fan cause the grommets will harden and break when the trying to remove.

One thing to keep in mind is on Samsung refrigerators they use a dual evaporator system. This means there are two evaporators and one compressor. The freezer and refrigerator are independent of one another. On most conventional refrigerators the freezer cools the refrigerator. Samsung uses a by pass valve to switch the freon flow from one compartment to the other.

To aid in diagnosing your refrigerator Samsung uses the electronics to give error codes. If no error codes are present in the display, you can manually enter diagnostic mode. To enter diagnostic mode press the power freeze and power cool at the same time for 10 seconds. If done right you will see the error code in the display displayed as a segment of the 88. The link below shows how to enter diagnostic mode and also shows several error codes for these Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung Refrigerator Diagnostic/Error Codes

If you require further assistance, you can ask your Samsung Refrigerator not cooling question in our forum. A factory trained technician will assist you.

Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling Forum

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Samsung refrigerators have one common issue across the line. Eventually they will stop cooling completely or one side will slowly lose it’s cool.

Samsung uses a dual evaporator but single compressor systems. This means that the freezer and refrigerator have there own cooling units but share a single compressor.

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