Nov 202015

I’ve worked on a lot of different brands of refrigerators over the last 15 years and none have left a mark quite like the Samsung brand. I’ve been factory authorized for almost 15 year now I’ve seen a lot of appliances¬†come and go. The amount of trouble folks seem to have with these particular refrigerators is quite impressive to me.

I want to work on just one of the common issues these refrigerators seem to have. A knock, a tap, or a grinding type noise.

These side by side and bottom mount Samsung Refrigerators have several common issues that can causes these noises. I’ll try my best below to describe them all. I’m hoping with the provided information you will be able to not only learn something but you will be able to apply that new information into a feeling of accomplishment by fixing your broken appliance. If you require more help, please use the “Ask Matt” page @ the top of this page. I can provide step by step detailed directions on how to make this repair yourself.

How To Fix A Noisy Samsung Refrigerator:

First things first..pinpoint where the noise is actually coming from. One thing to keep in mind is that the fans inside will only run when the doors are closed.

Usually when the sound is coming from the inside it indicates an issue with the defrost heater or defrost drain. Occasionally the door being left open for to long can and does cause this issue. The warm air hits the cold air and creates condensation. This then freezes on the evaporator and the evaporator fan blade hits the frost/ice and creates a loud noise.

Now the door being left open, a faulty defrost component, or a plugged defrost drain line can cause this. This is where the problem can get tricky especially if the unit has been left in a noisy or not functioning at 100% state for a week or longer. The frost/ice compounds and makes it difficult to determine what exactly is going on. This is where you will need not only special tools but also the ability to read schematics and multimeters. A basic understanding of electricity is must when servicing an appliance.

The defrost heater gives off heat during the defrost cycle to melt the frost on the evaporator. If the heater fails, the frost will build up so thick the fan ends up hitting the frost. Eventually the frost/ice will stop the fan blade and the temperatures inside will raise. This is normally when folks set up a service call. By now it’s compounded for a week or better and is a solid block of ice behind the panel. Sometimes when the defrost drain line is clogged this will also happen. You have to defrost and test the heater to be certain of what exactly is going on. The defrost water not draining will build up from the bottom up. When this happens the situation is even worse because it truly is a block of solid ice you have to melt. Once the ice is melted you can then try and clear the drain line with a turkey baster and hot water or something similar.

The drain line on Samsung refrigerators is not an easy one to get to or clear. If you require more technical help after reading this post, please use the “Ask Matt” tab at the top of this page. I’m always happy to help.




Mar 182015

Samsung refrigerators have several common issue just like most other brands. I get several emails a week asking how to remove the front dispenser control on a samsung refrigerator.

Removing the dispenser on these bottom mount refrigerators is actually very straight forward. It does not require any special tools to get it off.

The dispenser is held in place with four small tabs. Two on each side. There is a screw on the bottom side of the dispenser but it does not need to be removed. You can remove the dispenser by grabbing the bottom where the ice comes out and pulling. The dispenser will come forward giving you access to the wires on the back of the control.

Take a picture of the wire connections so you can plug the wires back into the corresponding connections. The repair is actually very straight forward on Samsung refrigerators.

Do you have a samsung refrigerator that is acting up? Not sure how to fix it yourself? Use the comment form below and we will try out best to help you with your DIY Samsung refrigerator repair.



Dec 222013

Samsung uses a small fan motor on the back of their refrigerators. This small fan motor is called a condenser fan motor. It serves several purposes but one major purpose. If you have recently opened the freezer or refrigerator door and noticed the center strip running up the middle of the two is hot to the touch you have a issue.

When a condenser becomes so clogged with lint and dust or if the fan motor fails you will notice that the center mullion will be hot. If you have noticed this then you need to check a few things. The first thing to check would be the condenser coils. The condenser coils are located either under the refrigerator or on the back by the compressor. If the coils have a layer of dust and lint built up on it then it needs cleaned. Since the coils are where the heat transfer for the refrigeration system happen they coils need to be clean.

If you find the coils clean then most likely the fan motor is bad or something is stuck in the blade stopping it from turning. When the fan fails or a small object stops the motor from turning all the heat from the refrigeration system and the compressor goes right up into the the machine which in turn is felt on the front of the refrigerator.

If the compressor is running the fan next to it should be as well. Most of these new Samsung refrigerators use a small plastic motor that often fails. If you are fairly handy you can make this repair yourself.

The second thing the fan motor does is to help evaporate the water from the defrost drain pan which is located down by the compressor.

After reading this article you still find yourself asking questions about this issue please post your question in the forum and one of our Factory trained technicians would be more then happy to help.

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