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What does the error code NF mean on a Samsung washer? It means the washer isn’t detecting any water flow into the washer.

This is actually a very common issue on these particular washing machines. There are several different things that will cause an NF error code on Samsung washers. Below are several common things that cause this error.

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting


Unplug or disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair

Common culprits of the NF error code.

1. Water is shut off at rear of washing machine. Check and make sure water is turned on.

2. Water inlet hoses are kinked or crimped. Check hose to ensure they are not kinked or crimped in any way. This will still let a small amount of water into the washer but not enough for the sensor to be satisfied.

3. Water fill valve screens are clogged with mineral or calcium deposits. Turn the water off and remove the hoses from the “Hot” and “Cold” side. Once the hoses are removed you will see a small screen tucked inside both fill valves. The screens simply pull out so they can be cleaned. If you are on a well, the screens are likely clogged causing this NF error code. Usually it is on the “COLD” side where you’ll find the clogged screen.

4. Make sure the door is shut tightly. Yes, if the door is not shut all the way you may possibly get this error code on the display. Open and close door ensuring it closed correctly.

Samsung Washer NF Error Code

Samsung Washer NF Error Code

If all the above test OK, then you most likely have a faulty water valve. If this is you, then you will need a couple of tools.

Tools Needed:

Philps screw driver

Volt/Ohm meter


On the rear of the washer you will see two big Philip screws. With the power cord disconnected you can remove these two screws to get the top to slide back and off. With the top off you will see the triple valve on the right and the single on the left.

You can set the washer to any cycle and test each solenoid for proper voltage. You can also ohm the valve out. If the water valve is getting good voltage and not opening up, then it will need to be replaced.

The water valve is secured to the rear of the washer with two small Philip head screws. The small black hoses on the valve have a gray colored hose clamp. You can use a small pair of pliers to pinch the hose clamp together. Slide the clamp back and the hose will slide off the water valve.

Install the new valve and reassemble in reverse fashion.

If you are fairly handy, this is a very straightforward repair.

If you hit a snag while attempting to replace the valve, comment below or post your question in our free DIY appliance repair forum.

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Edited: April 14th 2015