May 102015

My Samsung washer is flashing error code OE!?! Several key washing machine components could cause this fault code. You will need to check a couple things to determine if the water valve has failed or the water level sensor.

How To Fix Samsung Washer Error OE:

Will the water shut off when the washer is unplugged? If not, the water valve is bad. The water is the part that mounts on the top back and the hot and cold lines connect to. The water valve is basically a set of solenoids. The plunger inside is activated and water comes out. What happens is over time the solenoid can fail. It can fail where no water comes in and also where water will not stop coming in. If the only way to get the water to shut off is to turn the valve at the wall off, then the water valve is faulty. It’s stuck open and letting water into the washer when it should not be.

The water level sensor is going to be suspect if the water valve is operating correctly. The sensor lets the washer know that enough water has entered the machine and to go ahead and shut down. There’s a small rubber hose that goes from the bottom of the tub to the side of the sensor. That hose from the sensor to the bottom of the tub should be clear. Removing the hose and blowing through it will clear anything inside. If something is inside the hose, take the hose off the bottom and see if the problem is at the hose connection or actually inside the sensor hose. If the sensor hose is clear, the water level sensor will need to be replaced to fix this issue.

If you’re handy, you can make either of these repairs. The water valve is accessed from the top. Once off you will see the plug and play wires and also the rubber hose connections. The wires pull off and the hoses have small hose clamp pliers on them. The water level sensor is also located on the top. It has the small rubber hose connection and also a small plug and play molex connector.

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