Feb 022016

Samsung top load washing machines have several common issue. As you google your washers problem you’ll see lots of different issues arise. On the top load units they have their own set of common issue vs their brethren front loader.

Top load Samsung washers that are not draining usually have one thing in common. The drain pump has either failed, is clogged with debris, or on Samsung’s the wire’s to the drain pump on the left side of the washer may have been damaged during the last spin cycle.

Yes, these washers have an issue where the drain pump wire connection will break. When this happen the washer will require a new kit. The new kit comes with a new pump that mounts differently as well as a new wire harness. The wire harness that is supplied with the kit runs from the control board down to the motor and drain pump. The small stator motor that delivers power to the basket inside will need to be dropped down. The harness comes as an assembly which requires the entire wire harness be replaced as well as the new updated kit.

A factory trained Samsung washer repair technician would be best suited for this job if you do not feel confident enough dropping the motor and replacing the wire harness.

If you’re handy on the other handy, you can make this repair yourself.

Firstly, make sure the washers pump is not just clogged. Often times the small impeller inside the motor has debris preventing the impeller from rotating. If that’s the case with your washer, great! If not, you will need to dig a little deeper.

Things to check when your Samsung washer is not draining:

Voltage to motor: Is the auxiliary drain motor getting 110v? Using a volt meter is best a voltage tester does not give you an accurate voltage reading. The drain pump on these units run off 110v. If the pump does not receive the full 110v, the drain pump will not run.

Broken Drain Pump Wire: Read post above if you’ve found the drain pump wires broken. The washing machine will require a new kit that fixes this issue and relocates the drain pump assembly.

Drain Pump Impeller Blocked: The drain pump impeller on these units are often just blocked with debris. Is could be a small bobbie pin, under wire, or a tooth pick..you never know what you’ll find that’s blocking the impeller. 

If you require more help diagnosing or fixing your Samsung Appliances please use the contact form and get in touch with Matt. Matt is a Factory Trained Appliance Repair Technician with over 30,000 in home service calls completed.


Jun 042015

Do you have a fault code displayed on your Samsung front load washer? Find your error code in the list below for a detailed explanation on what it means and how to fix it.

Samsung washers are becoming more and more popular. With that popularity means more and more are in the field which means more of them are out their to breakdown. On average roughly 30% of our in home appliance repair calls are on Samsung appliances. We see our fare share so we’re very familiar with their products.

I have complied a list of all the Samsung washer error codes and explained how to fix each one individually. All you need to do is find your error code in the list below and click the link. It will take you to a detailed article that explains what your code means and how to fix it.

It’s taken me a lot of time and research both in the field and on the computer to be able to get this information to you. If you have found any of the information available on my site, please take the time to leave a comment or share the page that was helpful on you social media account. This will help my site grow so more and more folks like you can find the information they need.

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting Self Diagnostics

Samsung Washer Troubleshooting Self Diagnostics

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code List:

Unplug the washer before you attempt any repair.

How To Fix Samsung Washer ND Error Code

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How To Fix Samsung SF Error Code 

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May 292015

Samsung washing machine error codes help pin point the general area of a component failure. The SF fault code points directly to the main PCB control board. This board is generally located on the right rear bottom facing the washer.

How To Fix Samsung Washer Error SF:

There’s a couple different things you can try before replacing any parts on your washing machine. Always disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair.

Unplug the washer: 

This might sound simple enough but it more times than not fixes the error code. If the fault code is a glitch, or software issue, unplugging the washer for several minutes may reset the control. You want to leave the washer unplugged for at least 5 minutes. Leaving it unplugged for longer then a minute will allow the capacitors on the control board to discharge. When the capacitors are discharged the board is reset.

Check Wiring Connection:

Often times Samsung washer error codes are directly related to a short or loose wire connection. These washers have several control board some of which talk to each other. The main board on the back which is suspect for this error could possible have a loose connection. These main board are screwed to the back of the washer and have a hard plastic cover protecting the main PCB control board. You can remove the wires one by one to make sure each is fully seated in it’s connector. I normally snap a picture on my phone so I can revert back to it to double check the connections when I’m done. So that’s not a bad idea especially if you take all the wires off to inspect the board and soldered fuse for any burn marks.

If the connections all test good, the main PCB will need to be replaced. Like stated above the main washer control board is located in the back bottom right side looking at it from the front. Once the screws coming in from the back are removed the main board will slide over and off. The plastic cover will snap off and the board will be exposed. At this stage is when I usually take a picture. The connections are all plug and play type. They have small plastic molex connectors that plug in. On the side of the plastic connector is a tab. Depress the tab and the wire harness will lift up and out of the socket.

You will need to locate an authorized appliance parts house to find the main control board. Sears carries Samsung alliance parts and so does Appliance Parts Pros.

Do you still have questions about your Samsung washing machine error code SF? If so, please use the comment form down below and I’ll try my best to assist. We will respond as soon as possible. We get many emails a day and also have to respond to questions here. It can get overwhelming especially in the summer when lot’s of refrigerators and air conditioners break.