Jan 132011

Several quick tips here to help keep that odor out of the washing machine. The smell that can build up inside of a front load washing machine has plagued the appliance industry for years.

Here are several quick tip/hints that will help eliminate that mold or mildew smell.

-Leave washer door open (this dries the insides out)
-Only use HE soap. If HE soap is not used it can affect more than you think.

-Use Clean washer cycle most newer washers have a clean washer setting. This setting will heat the water and overfill the compartment to clean the insides thoroughly.

If your model does’t have a clean cycle, you can still use a front load washer cleaner.

You have several options.

The first would be Afresh this is a new cleaner within the last couple years..
This stuff will clean the insides of your tub like none other. No there not paying me to say that. It really works, I have recommended it from day one.

The stuff that we as a company recommended before and is still good to this day is washer magic.
This stuff will kick that smell out of the front loader quick as can be no doubt.

If you want to try a home remedy then I would try running 1 cup of white vinegar through the unit on the hottest longest setting this sometimes will cure the smell as well. Vinegar is an acid so you don’t want to use it to much it will eat away at the inside of the unit.