Jan 122011

Several factors can cause a dryer to take an abnormal amount of time to dry a load of clothes. Here is a short checklist to narrow down the culprit.

-Is the dryer vent hose kinked?
-Is the vent hose clogged?
-Is the dryer cycling on safety thermostat?
-Has the automatic sensor has failed?

If you have good air flow with the vent removed and very little air flow outside where the dryer vents then the vent is clogged and will need to be cleaned with professional tools.  When a dryer cannot vent properly it can get too hot and force the unit to cycle on the safety thermostat.  When this happens the unit will short cycle and the load could take days to dry.

If your dryer is taking longer than 50 minutes on the timed dry cycle you should have your vents inspected by a vent cleaning business.

Most vent cleaning business will come out and clean the vent for a reasonably price.  In my area the average vent clean is about $120 dollars.

Our company uses a high power 200 psi compressor with a reverse spinning scorpion ball, sounds pretty impressive right, well it kinda is. It’s a spinning ball that has reversed drill holes to blow the lint back down the vent pipe and out. The spinning ball knocks the lint loose and the positive air pressure from the compressor force the wet paper looking lint out of your vent.

Your vent should be cleaned or inspected at least once a year.  This will help ensure that the vent is not clogged with lint or any other foreign debris. Birds, snakes and critters all try to nest inside dryer vents.  If you do not have the proper vent housing connected to the outside, these creatures will live inside your vent and restrict the air flow.