Jan 132011

Lg washer LE error code explanation, (LE error point in motor direction.)

The infamous LG, LE error code, this error code has haunted the appliance repair industry for several years now. This can either be a simple fix or a test of your appliance repair abilities no doubt.

If you washer is getting a LE error code you more than likely have a bad hall sensor. This sensor is located on the back of the washer, by removing several screws on the back panel it will slide down and off. Once off you will see the washers stator motor, remove the one bolt in the middle of the motor.

Once the bolt is remove the stator housing will slide off, with the housing off you will now see the copper stator motor. Remove the bolts that hold the motor to the back of the washer, the hall sensor is hooked to the motor with a plastic clip.

By replacing the hall sensor 99% of the time it will take care of the LE error code. The screws that hold the wire harness will need to be removed in order for the motor to come off. Good luck with your washer repair, if you would like a article wrote, please drop a line with details.