Mar 192011

Ge front load washers have a drain pump filter.  This filter is located behind the washers lower access panel.  Three small screws hold the panel in place.  With the screws removed, the washers access panel will slide down and off.  The drain pump filter is inside the drain pump housing. To remove the washer drain pump filter twist the handle counter-clockwise on the front of the pump.  Pull the filter out and clean.

If the washer is full of water, either use hose clamp pliers or the bail the water out of the tub before the filter is removed. Ge and other similar manufactures use drain pump filters on their front load washers.  This prevents stuff from getting past the drain line and into the drain pump impeller to damage the washer.  Having an appliance repair technician out to make this repair would cost around $150 dollars.  If you have found this information helpful, leave a comment below.


Mar 122011

How to fix a Samsung Washer nd washer error code. You can make this repair your self and in most cases without parts.

Let me explain what the nd on a Samsung washer control panel means exactly. The nd error code stands for No Drain. When this washer error code comes up the washer will not spin either. Continue reading »

Mar 122011

How to fix a Whirlpool Duet & Duet sport error code F02.This is a simple DIY appliance repair.

The article below explains how to fix this error code without calling an appliance repair technician out to your home.

Disconnect Power Before Attempting Any Appliance Repair

Repairing the F02 error code can usually be done without ordering parts. Tools needed to repair your whirlpool Duet F02 error code are towels and a quarter inch socket.

Tip the washer back at a 45 degree angle. On the bottom panel there are three or four screws, with the screws removed the panel will slide down and off. With the lower access panel now removed you will have access to the washers drain pump clean out.

With the water already bailed from the washer you can twist the filter head counter-clockwise to remove. Twisting the filter head counter-clockwise will loosen filter so it can be pulled out.

With the filter out clean and install it back into washer.

Run a quick cycle to ensure the washer is back up and running and the F02 error has disappeared. If the error comes back, it may require you to clean the drain pump filter again.

If you require a new drain pump motor, you can purchase the part from the link below.

 Whirlpool Duet & Duet Sport Washer Drain Pump Part Link

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