Jan 132011

On direct drive washing machines, this style has no belt the clutch often fails.

The  result is a slow or no spin washer complaint. The unit may sound like It’s trying to spin, in reality is it is not. The clutch pads will wear out with time,  when this happens the clutch pad’s will not create enough pressure to engage the basket.

If you disassemble the washer and find that there is oil on the pads you will need to replace the basket drive assembly as well. The seal inside the basket drive will eventually wear down and oil will leak out onto the clutch.

If you do have to purchase the basket drive check to make sure the clutch comes in the box. Some parts house’s have the two separately and together.

Jan 132011

The Fisher Paykel washer has proved to be one decent built machine. Having less moving parts, compared to the traditional washing machine therefore having fewer parts that can fail.

If the washer is not draining here are the step involved to clean the drain pump.

-Unplug the washer

-Bail water out of washer

-Tip unit back

-Get towels (several)

Now that most of the water is out and the electricity is turned off you need to remove the drain pump.
Doing so will let water flow from the hoses onto the floor so be prepared.

On the bottom front right you will find the drain pump. Unplug the wires from the pump and depress the tab while twisting the pump out of place.

With the tab depressed twist the pump out of the lock position and it will fall out. Clean any foreign debris that is located inside the drain pump assembly and reassemble. With the drain motor clear the washer should start draining.

Jan 132011

If you found your washer full of water at the end of the cycle you may have a clogged drain pump filter. On most new front load washers the access panel is located on the lower front panel.

Whirlpool built Duet washers drain pump is actually located behind the lower front panel. If your unit is on a pedestal pull the drawer out and look for the screws along the bottom panel, if your washer is not on a pedestal tip the unit back to see the several quarter inch screws. Once the screws are removed the panel will slide down and off gaining access to the drain pump filter.

Tools to clean the drain pump filter

¼ inch nut driver
Hose clamp pliers

With the lower panel removed, the washers drain pump housing will be visible, It’s located in the middle front of the unit.

With your hose clamp pliers, pinch off the hose going into the back of the drain pump, this will stop the water in the drum from rushing out when the filter is pulled forward.

With your towels lined up around the pump slowly twist the handle and pull the filter out. There will be some residual water in the pump and it may have an odor.

Clean the drain pump filter of the foreign debris and assembly the unit back together. Set the washer to a fill cycle, let run until full then power the unit off and set it to the drain/spin cycle. This will ensure all the debris has been removed from the filter. If the unit drains great, if it still does not repeat process until the pump is clear.