Dec 112012

Changing the Frigidaire Affinity door boot is probably one of the toughest boots to change in my opinion. The rear spring is a real pain in the rear to try and get back on. When these boots first started needing to be changed the manufacture was sending two small tools to help with this job. In the last few months Frigidaire has stopped sending the small tool. I started using small clamps to hold the spring in place. 4 of them work perfectly. Be sure to use the ones that have rubber on the end that way the boot will not be punctured.

I actually remove the top, control, and the front panel to do this repair. It makes sense for me because I can have the unit apart in under 5 minutes and it saves me about 20 trying to fight to get the spring back around the door boot. The top has two screws on it and the control has two on the end caps and three behind the soap dispenser. The front has 5 depending on the serial on top and four on the bottom panel. If the washing machine is on a pedestal you will need to tip the washer back to see the screws on the bottom of the washer that need to be removed to take the front off. Like I said I do this because it gives me more room and saves me time. I do know Technicians that can do this job with leaving the front on but I have not yet masted this nor do I care to. I think I’ve tried twice to do this job with the front on.

I found a video on line that explains this process and will save you much needed time and probably some stress. I hope this Affinity Door Boot article and video link has helped you save some coin. washer repair service

Affinity Washer Door Boot Replacement Video Link

Jan 132011

The Fisher Paykel washer has proved to be one decent built machine. Having less moving parts, compared to the traditional washing machine therefore having fewer parts that can fail.

If the washer is not draining here are the step involved to clean the drain pump.

-Unplug the washer

-Bail water out of washer

-Tip unit back

-Get towels (several)

Now that most of the water is out and the electricity is turned off you need to remove the drain pump.
Doing so will let water flow from the hoses onto the floor so be prepared.

On the bottom front right you will find the drain pump. Unplug the wires from the pump and depress the tab while twisting the pump out of place.

With the tab depressed twist the pump out of the lock position and it will fall out. Clean any foreign debris that is located inside the drain pump assembly and reassemble. With the drain motor clear the washer should start draining.