Jan 142011

If your dryer belt breaks and you are unable to route the belt correctly here is the routing on a whirlpool dryer. This is also used on most newer Maytag dryer’s as well.

If the belt is found to be broken, inspect the rollers and idler pulley as well. Most dryer manufactures have dryer maintenance kits, these kits will normally come with the rollers, belt, idler pulley, and front seal, on some models.

Place the idler pulley into the slots in the frame of the dryer, with the idler pulley locked into position push the belt through, while pushing the pulley at the same time. This will keep the belt slack so it can be hooked around the motor pulley. Once the belt is on, try turning the drum by hand, if the blower wheel takes off and drum stays on the roller button her up.