Jan 162011

Here we have a dryers high limit thermostat located on the heater assembly. If the cycling thermostat fails the dryer will revert to using this thermostat creating long run and dry times. A faulty cycling thermostat or clogged dryer vent will cause a dryer to have an issue like this.

When replacing the heating element the thermostat will need to be removed from the element terminal. To do so use a small flat head screw driver and wedge the thermostat wire off the element.

Once the arm is released from the element it will pivot up and out of the way. Also note when testing with volt meter you remove one wire from the thermostat, failing to do so could result in an inaccurate reading leading to a miss diagnosis.

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Jan 122011

If you found your Maytag not starting after the last cycle you may have a faulty thermal fuse. This fuse will fail if the dryer overheats for any reason. Here are several possibilities that the fuse could have failed.

-Grounded heater element
-Clogged dryer vent
-Vent hose kinked
-Lint filter clogged

After narrowing down which issue caused the fuse to trip you will need to fix the issue before the fuse is replaced, the fuse will trip again if original condition is still present. On Maytag units the lower half of the front panel will come off and slide down and out of the way. There are screws that line the bottom section of the panel, once off remove the lint filter and lint filter housing, the screws around the blower wheel hold the housing together.  Once removed the lint filter housing will move out of the way to access the fuse.

The one screw will need to be removed to access the thermal fuse. With your volt meter you can confirm that the fuse is bad by testing the resistance or continuity. The fuse should read resistance or continuity.

Once you have fixed the issue that caused this thermal fuse to trip replace and reassembly the dryer for test cycle.  Taking extra precaution with the dryer vent hose when pushing the unit back slide back into position and remove your floor protection.

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