Jan 192011

CL means that your washing machine’s CHILD LOCK is ON. You can find two buttons Temp and Options in the panel.

Turn ON the machine, press these two buttons together for 3 seconds and that’s it.

It might have a little kids face above a lock key, in between the wash and rinse buttons, hold these for 3/5 seconds and it should work.

Jan 172011

Are your hoses rubber, it’s recommended if so, that you replace them every five years.  Have you seen or heard of stainless steel washer hoses? Becoming more and more popular, they are being installed behind hundreds of washers a day.

Rubber will eventually break down and become soft or brittle, when this happens it will create a soft spot or bubble on the fill hose.  These hoses will burst sending anyone around into a panic, replacing rubber hoses will stainless steel could save you floor and pocketbook.

These hoses were installed today, the rubber ones broke flooding the upstairs.  Luckily there was a drain on the laundry room floor, the damage was minimal compared to what it could have been..

The local appliance parts house or hardware store should stock these hoses. Replacing this is relatively simple. Pull the washer forward, turn the water off, twisting the hoses off with a pair of pliers, when installing the new fill hose onto the valve, make certain that the threads are lined up, if not the metal threads on the fill hose will cross thread rendering the washer water valve useless.

Ensure the hoses are connected to the proper valve, the hot hose goes to the red and cold hose connects to the blue valve. Hooking them up backwards will cause a rinse or fill issue.

Jan 162011

Have a four prong dryer cord and now need a three prong dryer cord, it’s simple to convert

Here is a basic example of how this block works

-Left side (Hot)



Remember that and you will be ok, this is a basic appliance repair by making the conversion yourself you will save and who couldn’t stand to keep an extra buck or two  in the account, I know I could.

This block has one red, white, black wire each. The black is hot, the red is hot (both on outside) and the white is neutral.

If you have a volt meter from the outside wires to the middle 220v should be present, from either outside wire to the middle should be 110v.

I hope these pictures have helped you, if not drop us a line or chat live with us, we will walk you through you any appliance repair problem you are facing.