Mar 302011

The Whirlpool Cabrio washer is a common residential washer in North America.   The Cabrio washer has several common failures even though the washer is quite new to the market.  Often times the lid lock assembly is required to be replaced because the lid will not lock function properly and secure the lid shut.  Whirlpool uses small clips to hold down the top panel under the lid on most washers.   A putty knife works best to release these clips.  To gain access under the top panel, place the putty knife where the top between the top and front panels in the reveal.   Approximately three or four inches from the left and right corners you will feel the metal clip.  Push in with the putty knife and the top will lift up so that you can access inside the washer for replacing the lid latch or other washer components.

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Mar 122011

How to fix a Whirlpool Duet & Duet sport error code F02.This is a simple DIY appliance repair.

The article below explains how to fix this error code without calling an appliance repair technician out to your home.

Disconnect Power Before Attempting Any Appliance Repair

Repairing the F02 error code can usually be done without ordering parts. Tools needed to repair your whirlpool Duet F02 error code are towels and a quarter inch socket.

Tip the washer back at a 45 degree angle. On the bottom panel there are three or four screws, with the screws removed the panel will slide down and off. With the lower access panel now removed you will have access to the washers drain pump clean out.

With the water already bailed from the washer you can twist the filter head counter-clockwise to remove. Twisting the filter head counter-clockwise will loosen filter so it can be pulled out.

With the filter out clean and install it back into washer.

Run a quick cycle to ensure the washer is back up and running and the F02 error has disappeared. If the error comes back, it may require you to clean the drain pump filter again.

If you require a new drain pump motor, you can purchase the part from the link below.

 Whirlpool Duet & Duet Sport Washer Drain Pump Part Link

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Mar 122011

The whirlpool duet sport washer is nothing more than a scaled down full size duet washer. The duet washer is one of the most popular residential washers in America. F20 error code that is accompanied with them is very common, and I will explain how to fix the dreaded duet F20 error code.

How to fix Whirlpool Duet F20 Error:

Whirlpool uses a flow meter that detects the flow of water entering the washer. If this flow meter does not detect the correct amount of water entering the washer it will sound the F20 error code. Often this repair can be made with out calling an appliance repairman and without ordering parts. Start by removing the washer fill hoses; both the cold and the hot water hoses. Check for proper water pressure from the house. To do so, turn the water on and put the hose inside the washer or a bucket.

If water pressure is good, check the water valve inlet screens. Most residential washing machines have inlet screens. The screens prevent minerals from clogging the solenoid. With the hoses removed, you can visually inspect the water inlet screens. If the water valve screens are clear the inlet valve with the screens itself will need to be replaced. To replace the water valve, remove the top of the washing machine. Three screws hold the top down. The screws that hold the top down are on the back of the top panel. Once removed the top will slide back and off. Now remove the wire harness that connects to the valve. One screw holds the valve to the washers cabinet. Removing the screw and sliding the valve over will release the valve from the back panel enabling you to complete your repair.

One last thing to check is the fill hoses. These front load duet washers call for a lot of water quickly. So if you have stainless steel braided flood-safe hoses, they will trip for no reason at all. Replace these flood safe hoses with more traditional hoses.