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  14 Responses to “Washer”

  1. LG front load washer wont drain. I allready checked filter and hose

    • Hello,

      LG washers have a very common issue with the drain motor itself. The impeller falls off and will not drain the washer. If the filter and hose are clear you need a new drain motor most likely.

  2. my whirlpool cabrio model number wtw6800ww1 does not seem to be getting any electric going to the pump i put a new pump in yesterday and still does not work .i am not sure if it is the wires going to it or if it is machine motor control.please help

    • Rick, I’m just getting back into town. If you still need a hand, come over to the repair forum and I will help you figure this washer problem out.

  3. Working on Samsung Front Load Wasther and we have check and cleaned all lines and when pump kicks on all you feel is vibration but not draining water. Could it be like LG pump propeller coming out?

    • Hello, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, it is most likely the drain motor that’s causing this issue. If the lines are clear and the pump is getting power, the pump would be the culprit.


  4. I have a Whirlpool Cabro with the known F1 code defect. After going around with Whirlpool for a time they agreed to cover the new control panel, I paid for labor. The new control panel was replaced which took care of the F1 error code but now the machine fills with water goes into a slow spin skips the wash and rinse then pumps the water out. Does this sound like a faulty new control panel? The repair man says it is a load sensor, something about the tub floating.

  5. Hi my fisher paykel top loader won’t spin on last cycle and it smelt burnt when I check it just seeing what you think thank you for your time

  6. Asko washer W6021 not heating the water. Heating element ok. Small burnt spot on circuit board? How can I test to locate issue? Thermisat? circuit board? temp switch?

    • Hi, If the board is burnt then it’s bad. You might be able to tell which component it is by looking on the board or the schematic.

      Sometimes there’s markings on the board telling which component connects to the solder line. Or simply look at the schematic and see which part connects where it’s burnt.

  7. My LG washing maching 750r keeps draining the water I put in it, even though the drain button is on OFF. help

  8. I have a fisher paykel top load washer when I turn the washer on the spin light stays on and it beeps at me I can’t get it to do anything past this point

  9. I have a Samsung VRT front load washer; it is inactive and displaying a “2E” – High/Low voltage detected code…Has anyone experienced this and have a plan of attack, or just recommendations?